Tirupattur Brahma Kovil Horoscope Fortune Changing Temple

Tirupattur Brahma Kovil

Tirupattur Brahma Kovil. The Brahmapuriswarar is a site that has the power to change the fortune with us. When everything is going well for us in life when suddenly some problems come up people have all heard that this is the problem in the horoscope then you have to change your caption like that is the temple we should go to. Tirupattoor is the place to go.

The only fact about this temple is that once you go to this temple, you will be blessed to go back only once. Brahman, who was in the creative profession, had five heads at one time and was considered one of the trinities, but Brahman became slightly arrogant. Thinking of going to the arrogance of Brahman, Lord Shiva on one occasion pinched the fifth head of Brahman and cursed him to be the god of creation.

Shocked, Brahman realized his mistake and asked Shiva what he should do to get rid of the curse. Lord Shiva said to consecrated the Shiva lingams and said that I will curse you myself when the right time and place comes as a return. Following this, Brahman traveled all over the country, dedicating and worshiping Shiva lingams there.

Brahman came to Tiruppattur called Tiruppidavoor and worshiped 12 Shiva lingams at short intervals. Pleased with his worship, Lord Shiva appeared before him, cursed him and gave him permission to start a re-creation work. Goddess Parvati, who came with Lord Shiva, restored the radiance of Brahman, who had lost his radiance.

Eesan got the name of Brahmapuriswarar because he was worshiped and cursed by Brahman. The goddess is here with the special name of Brahma Sampathkauri as it restores the glory of Brahman. Cursed Brahman praises Lord Shiva in many ways and enjoys his worship.

Brahman Curse

Pleased with his worship, Lord Shiva will no longer do the work of creation and will bless the devotees who come to seek and adore you to transcribe the fortune according to their qualifications and needs. That’s why we went to this Brahmapuriswarar temple and prayed with our horoscope. Let’s say our caption changes.

Many devotees who have been deprived of that facility due to good fortune have come to this site to worship the Brahman and change their initials. All people from different parts of Tamil Nadu have started coming to this temple to worship Brahman with confidence.

If you go to this temple and take horoscope with you when you worship Shiva and give your horoscope in the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Shiva you will see that changing your caption. The temple has some other special features. The tomb of Sage Patanjali is located in the southern part of the temple complex. Have you seen how I confirm this? There is an underground lingam in the northern part of the temple. There is an underground lingam in any temple. The implication is that there is a tomb of life next to it.

The people of the area still firmly believe that this temple will cure any ailment that may afflict the villagers. Ambal Brahma Nayagi Sannathi is a separate temple to the left of the Swami Sannidhi. In the northern part next to the Ambal temple, the Kailasanathar temple is located in the shape of a stone chariot. In front is a large nandi made of only one stone.

Brahmapuriswarar Temple 12 lingam

Brahmapuriswarar Temple Another amazing and important thing about this temple is that the direct rays of the sun fall on the main Shiva lingam of Brahmapuriswarar three days a year. Another special feature is that there is a distance of about 100 meters i.e. 300 feet between the sanctum sanctorum and the face of the temple where the Shiva lingam is located. It is a rare temple to see natural light beyond these seven gates.

This temple is located in the form of 12 lingas worshiped by Brahma to receive Lord Shiva. That is the Mercury Lingam Lingam The 12 lingams worshiped by Brahman.

Sri Brahmapuriswarar That is the headquarters Sri Palamalainathar This is the Sage of Patanjali Sage

Sri Padala Eeswarar Sri Ranganathar Sri Ekampareswarar Arunachaleswarar Kailasanathar Jambukeswarar Kalathiswarar Saptarisheeswarar Sreesuttarathineswara.

This place is also a place of reparation. In a separate shrine to the north of the source, meditating at a height of 6 feet, he sits on a lotus pedestal with a lotus and a kamandala. Brahma is the greatest Brahma in India.

The temple is also the place where devotees pay homage to him on Mondays during the Thiruvathira Punarpusam and Janma Nakshatra days. Divorced couples can join Brahman for career and business development The most important prayer is to have a son because Brahman must have created himself.

Brahmapureewarar temple is spread over an area of ​​about 5 acres with a five-tiered royal tower with two prakaras. Since he is the doer, during the puja, he is given a yellow turmeric offering by making a puliotar by insulating the yellow.

Another belief is that those who have the destiny to change their scriptures will fall in the eyes of Brahman in this temple as well as those who are less sinful and deserving of change. My destiny is changed.


The Brahmapuriswarar Temple is located in the small village of Tirupattur, 25 km from Chennai to Trichy highway before trichy on the right hand side of Trichy.

trichy to tirupattur brahmapureeswarar temple timings


Morning 7.00 a.m to 12.00 p.m Evening 4.00 p.m to 8.30 p.m

brahmapureeswarar temple tirupattur phone number

+91 431 2909 599

Tirupattur Brahma Kovil

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