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Tirutani It is the fifth shrine of the six shrine of Lord Murugan. Thirukumaran, murugan who was blessed according to the mistakes and sins of the devotees according to the word. Thirunavukkarasar mentions this title in the Thirupurambayam Tiruttantakattil.

This Tiruthani is a holy place where many saints like Vadalur Ramalinga Adigalar. Pamban Swami Thottikalai Subramania Sage were praised in Arunagiri Nathar Tirupugali and Nakkeerar Thirumurukaaru Pada.

Aparajitha Pallava Inscriptions The temple has been famous for thousands of years as the first Parantaka Chola inscriptions. That built the Swamimalai temple are found here.

When the India states were divided on the basis of the language spoken by the people after independence. When it was decided to annex Thiruthani to Andhra Pradesh and many Tamils fought hard against it, Thiruthani joined Tamil Nadu.

Thiruthani is one of the most unique temples inhabited by Lord Murugan. This temple is visited by millions of people and has two idols dedicated to Lord Murugan.

One is the Ganesha on the northeast side of the room and the other is Kumara Lingeswarar on the second prakara of the temple. History has it that Saravana Poikai Kulam at the foot of the hill. Ganges was brought by Lord Murugan to worship this Kumara Lingam. All the six shines only in thiruthani temple it has tallest gopuram.

Like Swami malai, in thiruthani the elephant is vehicle of Lord Murugan. In Thiruthani, Only the sandalwood that is grinded in the sandalwood stone. Given by Indra is made sandalwood offering to Lord Murugan and the accompanying deities is made.

Like Palani Dandayuthapani, Thiruthani Moolavar is a navapasanam idol. The sandalwood offered as an offering after being anointed in the Moolavar Thirumani. Is considered to have the power to cure incurable diseases.

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Sakthivel received from his mother to destroy Surapadmana as well as Gnanavel. Received from his father in order to impart wisdom to the devotees. The lord who resides here is also known as Gnana Sakthitaran.

Thiruparankundram, the first of the six shrine, is of great importance. Since Thiruthani Murugan is the place where the anger subsides, he does not have a vel. It is considered a great thing to keep the Vail Rooster flag alone during decoration.

Pujas are conducted according to the Kumara Tantra system of Murugan. During the battle, Murugan took the chakra weapon threw it at him in his chest that Tarakasuran had seized from Perumal. To commemorate it, the wheel weapon was engraved on Moolavar’s chest.

It is believed that Lord Indra worshiped Lord Indra on Adi Krithika. So Audi Krithika is celebrated here in a very special way. The festival will be held over three days and will be attended by over 5 lakh devotees.

According to astrology, Lord Murugan is a feature of chevai bhavan. So it is a proven fact that it is definitely beneficial to pray to Lord Murugan on the day of Adi Krithika. For the marriage ban caused by chevai.

On the basis of Murugapperuman’s victory over the demons in Thiruchendur. The Surasamaharam will be critically conducted during the Kanda Sashti at the places where he resides. But since Murugan is the head who calms down the anger, there is no Surasamaharam in Thiruthani. At the same time, Pushpanjali will be held on that day with more than 1000kg flowers.

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Here on the wall behind the sanctum is Adi Balasubramanian in the form of a child in the western part. This Murugan, who is seen with the Atsara garland in his hands, had risen here before his marriage. The winter anointing is a special sight for this ancient idol. Who is anointed with hot water during the six days of Markazhi Thiruvathira.

Gajavalli Darshan is also one of the highlights of the festival. Thirumal’s daughters Amuthavalli and Sundaravalli both repented for marrying Murugan. Among them Nambirajan grew up as Sundaravalli Valli to Indra under the name of Amuthavalli Deivanai and married Murugan. Based on the fact that the two sisters are no different, Valli and Deivana are blessed here with the name of Gajavalli as the only hope.

According to Thiruthani, Vallimalai Sreesachchidananda Swami is remembered by all the devotees of Lord Murugan as the festival of worship. Blessed by Seshadri Swamis of Thiruvannamalai as the Mantra of Tirupugala. Vallimalai Swamis who had his breath to spread the glories of Tirupugala and glorify Lord Murugan. The festival begins at midnight on December 31st every English year.

It was only after a strange incident that the idea of starting such a festival came to the minds of the Vallimalai Swamis. Vallimalai Swami was in Chennai on an English New Year’s day. When some of his disciples, government employees, went to see and greet their superiors, the British.

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Seeing this, the Vallimalai Swamis repented and started the festival on 31 12 1917 at midnight according to the Thiruthani saying that it was Subramanian who was the supreme authority in the world. There are 365 steps in the process of making notes for each day of the year.

He sang 365 songs, worshiped every step of the way and visited lord murugan early on New Year’s Day. Until 1926, only thirty or forty devotees attended the festival according to the Thiruthani padi urchavam. Since 1937 it has gained prominence by attracting thousands of people. Now millions of people will participate inthe festival.

worship method

Devotees coming to Thiruthani first bathed in the Saravana poigai and climbed the steps reciting the songs of Lord Murugan. After visiting Ganesha and the ayravath elephant, go to the temple and worship the abathsagaya Ganesha navaverar Kumara Lingeswarar. Then there are special benefits of worshiping Lord Murugan and Goddess Valli who are the enlightened power in the sanctum sanctorum.

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