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vaitheeswaran Koil

vaitheeswaran koil. Vaitheeswaran Temple hindu deity one of the shiva temples this place since Kritayugam Thirayugam Duvaparayugam Kaliyugam Blessing from this place. Generally, Murthy Thalam Theertham and one will be unique in the temple, but the Vaitheeswaran temple is the most special of the three.

Murthy is a four yuga old Murthy stalam place tree. This is neem tree andTheertham Amirtha Theertham Very special Theertham is medicine for everyone.Vaitheeswaran Temple is a navagraha temple in tamil nadu south india Vaithiyanatha Swami Maha Shivalingam can be said to be like that. This great hindu deity is here as an idol to bestow grace to cure any ailments. here they are giving medicinal oil to cure diseases.

Physical Diseases, Mental Disorders, Fear Anxiety All these can be removed, and all kinds of diseases that can occur in a living will be cured by Ambika Sametha Vaitheeswaran. Thus doing Abhishekam Pooja Slogan Stotrams for Swami. All kinds of diseases are cured eg: cures skin diseases if these are worshiped by the devotees by donating salt and pepper in this stalam.

In this temple, Ambal is such a Palambika. When Vaidyanathaswamy was leaving Kailasa, Palambika took vessels with her, so she was known as thayal nayagi or called Palambika.

Sumangali who come here and have palambika darshan their Mangalya strength will be good by having of Ambal Darshan. No matter what the difficulties, whatever the ailments in the body, it would be okay for them if they come here.

Selva Muthukumara Swami Subramania Swami is the special child here in the temple. It is said that Subramania Swami performed all the pujas here for lord shiva and ambal. Sri Rama Lakshmanar Angaragan Four Vedas Sun worshiped Parameswaran in this stalam.

Chatru Samhara Archana

The four of them were specially performed Pooja and worshiped. It is said Muthukumaraswamy doing pooja every day for palambika and vaidyanathaswamy. Chatru Samhara Archana to Muthu Kumaraswamy is very special. If we perform this archan kuaraswamy will Samhar the enemy in our soul Kama kurota lopa moka mata maccariyankal.

And give us good qualities and good intentions in us. Despite the difficulties caused by the enemy, there will be relief from it. Enemies that can occur on the job. All of the enemies can occur in the business. If you do Chatru Samhara Archana, it’s very special to Muthu Kumaraswamy; there won’t be any problems with our enemies.

As a matter of fact, in this temple, Muthukumarasamy Angaragan together performs the poojas to the vaidyanathaswamy. Once upon a time, Angarakan got sick.

Angaragan is the one who gives human beings the disease according to their sin on earth. Angaragan goes to Lord Shiva and asks him to bless him to get rid of this disease. Lord Shiva tells him to go to the Vaitheeswaran temple on earth and worship him.

Angaraka comes here and prays and does Pooja. Rejoicing in his devotion Vaithiyanathaswamy comes here and gives a drop of soil in the hand of Angaragan. Angaragan disease is cured as soon as the soil is acquired by hand.

sevvai temple

Planet mars Angaraka asks Swami Whoever comes here to pay obeisance to you my vision should not have any misery to them. And also ask for doing daily by staying in this place lord shiva bless him with the same. If we come and visit Vaitheeswaran, we will get out of chevvai dosham. As this this parigara stala.

All types of blood-related diseases that can occur in the body will be cured when we come and visit this vaitheeswaran temple. Jatayu is the place of salvation. During the Ramayana, when Ravana abducted Sita, a wing was cut off by Ravana, who was unable to stop Jadayu and fell here. Then Raman comes here and finds out about Zatayu and throws him hereafter Zatayu dies. Jatayu Gundam vibudhi if we have that The sins committed in the third birth will spread away from us.

small shrine to dhanvantari

Dhanvantari Maharishi is the lord of all medicine, and he reached this Vaitheeswaran temple tomb. Legends say that today there are many medicines under this Siddhamurtha Tirtha (Temple tank) get health benefits when we holy dip in the temple tank. There is small shrine to dhanvantari in the temple for health benefits.

Praḷayakālattula there was fever in human every one suffered because of that. During that time, lord shiva appeared as jorakendeswarar and cured all diseases. Still, there was a separate shire in the vaideswaran temple for jorakendeswarar.

In the month of january february their will be special poojas and festival performed for the presiding deity. And their is also nadi joshyam which is known as nadi astrology famous in the temple outside. This temple is one of the famous shiva temples in india, it is also said temple is build by chola king vikrama chola. This temple is also good for aries ans scorpio horoscope people to visit.

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