varahi amma mantra for wealth

varahi amma mantra for wealth

varahi amma mantra for wealth, Varahi Amman god is a gift to this world. She is giving the varam they deserve to those who worship that varahi amman with true devotion. The look of this Ambal is very aggressive but she is like a child. whatever you ask for with pure devotion and true bhakthi She will lovingly give you all you want .

You should not have any bad intention in your mind. Without having any bad intention and thinking ,there is no doubt that whatever you ask for for good, you will surely get from her. She is also the first to punish those who is doing wrong things

How to worship this Goddess varahi amman in this post we are going to tell out what magical mantra to say and keep her mind cool. you can worship goddess Varahi can be worshiped at home. you should not worship her in home if you have any doubt or fellings by keeping her photo and worshiping her in home.

You can do this puja with satisfaction by thinking of the lamp you light as Varaki Amma. If you have a photo of varahi amman,you can decorate her picture with Arali flowers. If not you can decorate flowers to any goddess picture you have in your home

Varahi amma puja

Take a small lamp made of sand (agal vilaku).Then take a square shape in dark blue cloth, put a little white mustard in that and tie it and put a small knot. put this mustard knot cloth in the lamp and use gingle oil for the lamp you can perform this in home itself Feel . While doing this pooja you can keep, Varahi Goddess’ favorite cassava. For those who do not have cassava, you can buy white pumpkin, boil it and mix it with white rice and as naivedyam.

There is nothing wrong by doing this. This puja should be performed every Saturday between 6 am to 7 pm. Those who are unable to do on this time you can complete this puja on Saturday night from 8pm to 9pm. You should do this puja in your home on Saturdays for 8 consecutive weeks. Or you can do this puja and worship at the temple in the same way.

By doing this puja in you home this puja has the power to restore lost wealth, gold, money, and it can attract more money and more good oppertunites in yor life what you have lost io thinks which make deficult to do. If you have any enemy harassment in your life you can get come out of it too. The Goddess Varaki amman will show you the way and give you the power to get out of the mental distress, the incessant suffering, the incessant pain,and any money loss as soon as possible.

Varahi moola money mantra

You can come out of all problems and money problems in life in the fastest way with this simple idea. No matter which ever god you worship,you should know the original moola mantra of that god or goddess. It is very good to chant the original moola mantra of that deity. Here is the original magic of varahi Amman for you

Varahi Amman Moola Mantra:

“Om Klim Varaha

Muki Hreem Siddhi Swarupini

Sreem Tana Vasangari Danam Varshaya Swaga”

you can chant this mantra for 108 times if possible. If not you can chant for three times Varahi Amman will immediately give the required wish you want to those who are unable to get. Whoever with a pure mind and true devotion (bhakthi)do this puja is guaranteed to get the result in there hand if they perform this puja. Try it with confidence. All things will be fine.

varahi amma mantra for wealth

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